Monday, March 27, 2017

Seeking Safe Place To Live

Winifred Huo, a retired atmospheric chemist from NASA-Ames Research Center, studied chemistry before women were doing those things. Her focus was on the behavior of molecules under high temperatures, a key component necessary to the entry of space vehicles. She is a recipient of the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal (1994).  
She was born in Guangzhou less than two months before the Japanese attacked China in 1937.  During the next eight years of war, her family would move four times, hoping to stay ahead of the danger.
“We kept moving. It was interesting. I remember when I was young I tried to learn all sorts of languages/dialects. Whenever I went to a new school, the first two months I would have to keep my mouth shut because nobody understood what I was saying, and I didn’t understand them.  By the time I was able to communicate well with my classmates, I had to move again. We were trying to find a safe place to stay and for my father to work.”

(To be continued. Next: American Education Fosters Engineering Milestone.)

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